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We are very unique in having the distribution rights to SkiptonWall Wallpaper, a manufacturer of very high quality wallpaper, at extremely competitive prices. In general, SkiptonWall Wallpaper is priced at less than half of the market price of wallpapers of similar quality.


SkiptonWall wallpaper rolls are made of the best first quality raw materials, and are produced using the very latest technologies and most sophisticated machinery.


A wide range of colours and designs are available in large quantities, in our UAE warehouses. They are well suited for all indoor purposes, including but not limited to homes, offices, hotels and hospitals.


We also have secured the exclusive distribution rights of Fujikawa Japan Curtain and Tubular Motors for the Middle East and Africa Region.

Their technologically advanced remote-controlled curtain motors are also priced extremely competitively and are affordable to all who are looking to add a little luxury to their homes.

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